About Prairie Plant Systems Inc

Prairie Plant Systems Inc.

Prairie Plant Systems Inc. (PPS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. PPS is a biotechnology company focused on biopharmaceuticals, agricultural products, services and research.


Specialists in the principle of manufacturing pharmaceuticals derived from harvestable plants grown in biosecure Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) production facilities. Leaders in providing GMP-grown medical Cannabis for clinical trials, research and direct to patients through our subsidiary company, CanniMed Ltd. Learn More

Agricultural Bioproducts

Using advanced agriculture propagation to provide superior fruit trees stock to commercial orchards and personal growers. Fruit products include Saskatoon Berries, Haskap (Blue Honeysuckle), and Dwarf Sour Cherries. Prairie Plant Systems also provides agricultural contract services including nuclear stock potato plantlets, tubers and other research & propagation services. Learn More


Through extensive knowledge of plant genetics, biochemistry and plant physiology, Prairie Plant Systems provides contract land reclamation projects for commercial customers within the mining sector. Learn More

Prairie Plant Systems has grown significantly through development and acquisition of our key subsidiary companies:

CanniMed Ltd.

CanniMed Ltd. was established in 2013 to provide Canadian patients with access to a standardized and trusted supply of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) governed by Health Canada.

SubTerra LLC

Sub Terra LLC is a plant-based pharmaceutical manufacturer committed to the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) such as high value proteins and phytochemicals.

PPS Fruit Trees

Decades of research and development have made PPS a leading supplier of fruit trees to orchards around the world. Our continued commitment to excellence can be seen in the uncompromising quality of every plant PPS grows and sells.